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__________________________________________ Products Offered (samples)
Sample One
Carbona Care Products
Our selection of Lotions, Creams, Essential Oils and other Products
Sample Two
Wave Pad Hz
Wave Pad works with Carbona Care Products (Lotions, Creams, Essential Oils and other Products) keeping them fully charged for your benefit.
Sample Three
Healing Patch
Polar Molecular Healing Patch uses crystal and metal charged energy using Senergy Wave Technology from Senergy Labs.
About Wave in the Stone
Wave in the Stone products have been used by over 1,000+ customers
Clients, absolutely love the products that use Dragon Wave Hz technologies harmonics imbeded into our better balance products.
Norman our expert with 20 years of experience
Norman is from the San Jose area in California. Norman has studied Nikola Tesla's experimentation with Theata Waves.
As seen In
Our Wave in the Stone Team at Polar Molecular __________________________________________
The team commity section below is part of the Polar Molecular Products R&D department
Carla García
Arnold Mason
New Material for Packaging
Lukas Miller
3D Printing
Juliana de Silva
New Products
Our video launch "Producer Solutions" library is a huge success.
Our YouTube Channel is very helpful for our affiliate teams worldwide.
PJ McPolar
Entrepreneur and TV Host
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Wave Energies Discussed as it pertains to our product line.
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